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Chill Tradies


Efficient Heating & Cooling Solutions for Your Comfort

We install and maintain top-notch heat pump services in the Bay of Plenty, Rotorua and Waikato regions. Our commitment goes beyond installation – we believe in the ongoing service and maintenance of your units. Explore the superior quality of our services tailored for all brands and models, with expertise in Mitsubishi, Rinnai, Hitachi, and Fujitsu systems.

CHill Tradies

Heat Pumps & Aircon

Embark on your construction journey with confidence, knowing that Chill Tradies is your dedicated partner in seamless project management. Our commitment goes beyond individual services; we specialize in overseeing and orchestrating the entire project life cycle, ensuring a stress-free and efficient experience for our clients in the Bay of Plenty, Rotorua & Waikato

Comprehensive Installations

Discover the Bay of Plenty, Rotorua and Waikato’s premier heating and cooling company, offering installations for a range of systems, including split systems, reverse cycle systems, ducted systems, and commercial HVAC systems.

Preventative Maintenance

Elevate your comfort with our preventative maintenance plans, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your air conditioning systems. Our pro-active approach improves comfort, reduces repair costs, and extends the life of your units.

Honest, Quick, On-time Repairs

Trust our passionate team of Air Tradies for honest services, quick repairs, and on-time delivery. We prioritize your satisfaction and offer reliable solutions to keep your systems running smoothly.


Preventative Maintenance Plans enable our commercial and residential clients to be pro-active in maintaining their air conditioning systems. The benefits of these plans include improved comfort levels, efficiency and reliability which often results in a reduction to repair costs and increased life expectancy of the system. These plans can range from monthly to 12 monthly schedules depending on the systems environment and usage.

Preventative maintenance agreement customers are offered priority service and discounted to normal rates on services.

Specialising in Mitsubishi, Rinnai, Hitachi and Fujitsu

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